America's Social Contract
laser cut watercolor painting on paper, 7 panels painted front & back, 28 x 16 inches each ©2017

Due to the current political and social hostilities that surround us everyday I have felt compelled to create work that is inclusive and stresses the importance of positive social agreements. In America’s Social Contract I depict diverse races of people pulling each other up, very much opposed to individuals pushing each other down. These watercolor paintings are laser cut, transforming them into objects that are made out of the words from the constitution. Both sides of the work are painted, making it necessary for the piece to be hung in a manner that allows the viewer to walk around the full piece. Whatever position a viewer is standing in s/he can always see the person on the “Other” side. As light hits the surface of the paintings a cast shadow of the words of the constitution falls on the viewer, making them one with the constitution.