Upcoming Exhibitions

2018           They Are Each Other For A While,  Solo Exhibition at University of Maine Museum of Art, Bangor, ME

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017           Soma, Muriel Guépin Gallery, NYC (Two Person Show)

2014           The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Axioms, chashama Gallery, NYC

2013           Systemic Constructs for the Reduction of Uncertainty, Garis & Hahn, in conjunction with Ideas City
                   Biennial Festival sponsored by the New Museum

2011           The Space Between, Russ Berrie Gallery Space, Columbia University, NYC

2008           ECHOES, K.B, Gallery, NYC

2005           Being, Aphrodisiac, NYC

2003           Reverent Awe and The Search For Beauty, Studio 12N, NYC

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018          Leveling, Novado Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

                Resistance, Rio II Gallery hosted by NoMAA and Sugarhill Museum, NY

2017          Uproot, Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY

                  Profest  ≠ Protest:  Global Burdens, Center For Book Arts, NYC

                  Fact or Fiction, Cluster Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                  Leave Your Swords At The Door, Riverfront Gallery, Yonkers, NY

                  Disruption, Rio II Gallery hosted by NoMAA and Sugarhill Museum, NYC

                  Just Friends, Riverfront Art Gallery, Yonkers, NY

                  The Art Of Healing - Allen Pavillon Hospital - Hosted by NoMAA, NYC

2016          Under the Influence, Village West Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

                  Uptown Arts Review, Rio II Gallery hosted by NoMAA and Sugarhill Museum, NYC

2015         Aljira Emerge 11:  I put this moment...here.  I put this moment... here. I put this moment... over here. Aljira, Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, NJ

                Shangri-la, The Factory, L.I.C. Arts Open festival, NYC

                   Holiday Salon, Lesley Heller Gallery, LES, NYC

2014           The Impossible, Montclair Art Museum @ Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ

                   Reflections on Creating, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

                   Spirit of Community, Interchurch Center, NYC

2013           Borderline: Depictions of Skin, Garis & Hahn, LES, NYC

      Fragment, Saratoga Art Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

      Infinite Regions, Grady Alexis Gallery, NYC

      What is an Art Book? Garis & Hahn, LES, NYC

2012          Contact and Exchange, Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, NY

     Intersections, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

2011          NoMAA Grantees, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

     Perspectives, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

2010          The Intimacy of Memory, Galería Nacional, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

                Core, Under Minerva Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

     Women in the Heights, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

                PERFECT 8 Poster Project, ABC No Rio, NYC

     NoMAA Grantees, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

2009          Body Politic, The Jungle, NYC

     NoMAA Grantees, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

2008          Heart and Soul, Younity, NYC   

     Trading Places, Canco Loft, Jersey City, NJ   

     Beneath the Skin: a Perfect 8 Exhibit, chashama ABC, NYC

    NoMAA Grantees, Malcolm X Center, NYC

    Salad Days, Haven Arts, NYC

    Women Power and Politics, International Museum of Women, San Francisco, CA

    Ides of March, ABC No Rio, NYC

    The Body as Image, Philoctetes Center, NYC

2007         Younity “Crossover”, Showroom Gallery, NYC

2006         Penetrating Empathy, a Perfect8 Exhibit, Haven Arts, NYC

                Tiny Fine Art Exhibit, Art at Large Gallery, NYC               

2005          Entangled Orbits: you could be me, Play Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA

                 Secret Affinities, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

                 Big Proportions, Galeria Galou, Brooklyn, NY

                 Accumulative Efforts, Phoenix Gallery, NY


Public Art

2010           PERFECT8 Post No Bills Installations, multiple locations throughout NYC 2009             

                   PERFECT8 Bodega Installation, Last Stop Convenience, NYC

2008-9        PERFECT8 Magazine Stand Project, NYC streets & Haven Arts, NYC


Selected Publications

2016           Anatomy Rocks, by Rodolphe Lachat, publishers Cernunnos

2015           RHINO HORN GROUP, Connecting Figures (part 3): New Humanism in Contemporary Figurative Art, by Adam Zucker

2014          Sugar Mule, Issue 46, Artist Profile, by Alyse Knorr

2013          ArtFuse, Living in Their Own Skin at Garis & Hahn, by Oscar Laluyan

                  Hyperallergic, Finding Empathy In The Confines Of Our Skin, by Susan Silas

                  Two Coats of Paint, Careful Observation, by Sharon Butler

                  Examiner, Borderline: Depictions of Skin, April Gallery Focus

                  Beautycism, An Art Exhibit That Will Get Under Your Skin, by Maze Mpinja

2010           Costa Verde DR, “Intimdad de la Memoria en la Galeria Nacional de Bellas Artes”

                   Listin Diario, Doce Artistas de America Exponan en Bellas Artes

                   Manhattan Times, Cover Story, ”Women in the Heights “

         Hoy, ”’Intimdad de la Memoria’ Una Exposicion para recrdar.”

2009          Hetast 2009 ,”New York’s roughest area has a soft side

       Manhattan Times, Cover Story, ”Art Seen Uptown - Perfect8 Newsstand “

2008            Manhattan Times, Cover Story, “New Exhibit at K.B. Gallery”

         Artist Unite, review “ECHOES”


Grants, Awards and Residencies

 2016          Ligo Project, Artist Residency Program for scientists and artists, New York, NY

 2013          Aljira Emerge 11 Fellowship, Aljira: A Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, NJ

                   Starry Night - Residency Program, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

2012           Vermont Studio Center - Residency Program, Johnson, Vermont

        Angel Award - Grant awarded to attend The Vermont Studio Center Residency

2011         The Viewing Program, The Drawing Center, New York, NY

      Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance - Grant for Painting

2010         Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance - Grant for Installation project

2009         Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance - Grant for PERFECT8 Bodega Project

2008         Lower Manhattan Cultural Council – Manhattan Community Arts Grant

2007         Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance - Grant for painting

                 chashama North, Residency, New York

2006         Kennedy Promotions - The Best of New York, 1st Place - Acrylic Painting

2001,3&5  Irvington Education Foundation Grant - create public art in the community

 1998          Lakeland Grant - “Lakeland Alternative Mural Project for Active Learning”

1994-5      De Ateliers 63 – 2-year working artist grant awarded by the Dutch Government and residency at De Ateliers 63, Amsterdam, Holland


Talks and Lectures

 2017          PROFEST PROTEST : GLOBAL BURDENS, Center for Book Arts, NYC, NY

                   Disruption, Rio Gallery II, NYC, NY

2016           Uptown Arts Review, Rio Gallery II, NYC, NY

2014           Reflections on Creating, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

 2013          Borderline: Depictions of Skin, Garis & Hahn, LES, NY

     Fragment, Saratoga Art Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

2011          Perspectives, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

2010          Grantee Artists Panel, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

      Women Create; A Conversation with Women Artists of Northern Manhattan, Dwyer Cultural Center, NYC

2009         NoMAA Grant Awards Presentation, NoMAA Gallery, NYC

2008         NoMAA talk at Malcolm X Center, NYC



2003         College of New Rochelle, Masters of Science in Art Education, New Rochelle, NY

1999         College of New Rochelle, Masters of Science in Art Therapy, New Rochelle, NY

1993         De Hoeg School Voor De Kunst, Fine Arts and Art History, Amsterdam, Holland

1993         SUNY Purchase, BFA, Major: Painting, Minor: Psychology, Purchase, NY

1990         Music and Art (LaGuardia) High School, painting major, NYC, NY