I am interested in the systems people create in order to organize what they perceive in the world around them. These systems can be based in science, religion, psychology, philosophy or politics. No matter how cerebral a system or idea may appear I believe it is always experience through our physical senses. In order to communicate balance between reason and the senses I paint imagery of the body expressing emotional understanding juxtaposed with systems of verbal and/or mathematical language.

In my recent work I laser cut watercolor paintings, transforming the paper into an object that is literally made out of words and/or numbers. By using two strongly contrasting techniques, handmade and machine made, the physical work reinforces the conceptual idea that sensory/emotive understanding is fundamentally connected with analytical logic. The final art pieces are objective and intuitive, mechanical and intimate. Whether the viewer chooses to focus on the "rationality" in the text, or the "sensory" in the bodies each remains equally significant within the physical object itself.