Pi  π,  pencil and text drawings of every creation story I can find, 3 inch individual discs ©2014

Pi π, pencil and text drawings of every creation story I can find, 3 inch individual discs ©2014


It all started when...

Most people know Pi simply as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.  Beyond this one definition Pi has been considered remarkable for numerous reasons; one being its copious appearance in mathematical equations used to explain the mechanics of the universe.  It is also an irrational number, by definition - indefinable.  A finite end is wholly unobtainable due to the lack of pattern within its' sequence.  Yet this enigmatic number is necessary to complete various calculations that make factual, rational sense of our world.  Different cultures have linked the indefinable qualities of Pi and its' ubiquity in nature to the ineffable qualities prescribed to God or a creator.  

I created the wall installation Pi as a response to the questions embodied in the phenomena of the number as well as their connection to our struggle to understand creation.   The installation consists of 134 drawings on individual discs arranged in the numerical sequence of Pi, 3.1415...  Each disc has an image of hands touching drawn on top of a grid of dots and a typed creation story.   The explanations of how and why we were created are religious, mythical, or scientific.   There are 134 individual works because that is the number of creation stories I found in my research.  The grid of dots denotes mathematical and natural order. The hands symbolize a moment of contact when the story was told or passed down to another. They also signify our interpretation of the stories through our physical senses.  The interwoven imagery of dots, text and figures unites the three different approaches, - scientific analysis, cultural tradition and somatic intuition - people use to make sense of our existence. As a whole, the piece represents our human desire to understand our origin and our ultimate inability to do so due to the ineffable nature of reality.