PERFECT 8 is a publication and project dedicated to the de-objectification of people. Opposed to the idealized "Perfect 10", PERFECT 8 forms a new expression conveying a sentiment and recognition of the beauty found within the imperfections of people. Perfect being defined as “lacking nothing essential to the whole” and “complete of its nature or kind”, lends itself to the view that the individual can only be construed as perfect when all attributes of the whole person are acknowledged. By provoking a curiosity, and ultimately a questioning of what it would be like to experience the feelings of another, PERFECT 8 celebrates an unveiled humanity while working to deconstruct a myth perpetrated in our society that people are objects and obtainable products.

The PERFECT 8 Newsstand presented the "Revised Men’s and Women’s Interest Sections" to the general public of New York City in 2008 & 2009.

After researching the top selling Men’s and Women’s Interest magazines, Diana Schmertz created their revisal via the PERFECT 8 publication. Schmertz’s disbelief that the primary interest of men is porn and that women’s main interests are getting married and finding ways to look prettier for men, inspired her to bring together the work of artists and writers who were concerned with the negative impacts of objectification and sought to promote empathy in contrast to objectification. Schmertz constructed a newsstand fashioned after the many seen throughout the streets of New York City and stocked it with PERFECT 8: The Revised Men’s and Women’s Interest Sections. Through the insertion of the PERFECT 8 Newsstands into the urban landscape the project strove to raise awareness and provide an alternative to the current offerings presented to the public

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In 2009 the PERFECT 8 Bodega Installation presented the "Revised Men’s and Women’s Interest Sections" at local Manhattan Bodega, Last Stop Convenience. By placing PERFECT 8 in the bodega an integrated aspect of the community was intentionally altered. This invasion into the everyday life allowed individuals to interact with the project. The dialogue created through the public’s interactions sought to remind people that they have the choice and the ability to question any value system they are presented with before they accept it.

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The PERFECT 8 Post No Bills Installation project brought the "Revised Men's and Women's Interest Sections" to the general public via the PERFECT 8 Bill which was posted throughout New York City Streets and at ABC No Rio. Locations included the street in front of the Hustler Club in Manhattan, Chelsea gallery district, The Lower East Side, ABC No Rio and more.

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PERFECT 8 magazines contains mature subject matter.
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Beneath the Skin: a Perfect 8 Exhibit, chashama ABC, LES, New York City 2008
Resonance New York, in association with Perfect 8, Monkdogz, Chelsea, New York City 2008
Penetrating Empathy, Haven Arts, Bronx, New York City 2006

Revised Interest Sections:
Intelligence: Diana Schmertz, Roots: Diana Schmertz, Strength: Serge J-F. Levy, Loyalty: Diana Schmertz, Chuckles: Diana Schmertz, Courage: Alice Mizrachi, Courage: Toofly, Intimacy: Diana Schmertz, Butterflies: Chloe, Soul: Jill Marleah Bell, Soul: Jeff Feld, Hope: Alice Mizrachi, Compassion: Juilian Rozzell, Heart: Anki King, Resonance: Sunia Boneham, Resonance: Perfect 8 artists, Love: Anki King Friendship: Diana Schmertz, Lepel Houding: Schmertz, Creativity: Anki King, Life: Alice Mizrachi, Faith Diana Schmertz, Empathy: Rachel Mueler, Serenity: Rachel Wren, Serenity: Kathleen Tetro, Dreams: John Milisenda, Mutual Dependence: Neal Adams, Health: Joe Levickas, Body Souls: Megan Greenlee, Laura Meyers: Protection

All profits from PERFECT 8 were donated to organizations that fight against Sexual Assault, Child Porngraphy and Human Trafficking.