E ,   watercolor paint on cut paper,  8 inch diameter each ©2016 

Ewatercolor paint on cut paper, 8 inch diameter each ©2016 


It all started when...

E, (“Euler's number"), is a mathematical constant found in nature that measures a precise and recurring rate of growth and decay.  The paper used in the series, E, is cut with a laser machine, transforming each piece of paper into an object that is literally made out of the number sequence E - 2.71828…(etc..). Before cutting each work I created imagery of contact between people with watercolor paint.  The number sequence expresses an analysis of growth and decay through scientific method and observation while the paintings express perceptions of growth and decay through physical sensation.

By using two strongly contrasting techniques, (hand and machine made), the physical work echoes the conceptual idea of combining sensory/emotive understanding with rational logic. These two ways of perceiving the world are considered opposites in our culture, but in reality cannot be divorced from each other.  The final art pieces are objective and intuitive, mechanical and intimate.  The viewer can choose to focus on the "rationality" in the numbers, or the "sensuality" in the bodies, or both. Whichever perspective is chosen, each remains equally significant within the physical object.