Why Is the Measure of Love Loss, collaboration between artist Diana Schmertz and poet Alyse Knorr, explores the nature of time and memory after the end of a love affair. Inside each book is a series of poems etched on tracing paper in the poet's hand and layered over the artist’s drawing of a moment of contact. Steel covers protectively encase each book, while a cord of soft suede skin, affixed by magnetic clasps, wraps delicately around the metal. Together, the drawings, poems and materials examine the tension between tangible experiences and intangible language, between the body and the mind, and between a moment and the memory of a moment. The books interrogate the ways that, through their depictions of love, artists and writers can re-imagine reality and re-construct a lost past.


"Why Is The Measure Of Love Loss" is the first line in Jeanette Winterson's book Written on the Body.
 Each book is 10x11 inches ©2017